Branding Services

Oh, branding. You’d think that you need to spend hundreds of thousands of dollars just to get your branding right. So, you just go ahead, think or call your colleagues for a meeting and think. You brainstorm some ideas and then ultimately decide to go with whatever’s decided at the end of the day. Voila! You now have a brand. Many businesses do it that way in order to save tons of money. But what they don’t realize is the importance of proper branding.

If you really are serious about making business, then consider hiring us for your branding needs. You don’t need hundreds of thousands of dollars just to have a simple yet effective logo such as the one that Google has. Here, we offer affordable branding services that even comes with flexible pricing and packages that will help you build your brand from the ground up.

Our Branding Service

All serious businesses need a proper brand. We will help you create a unique identity that will set you apart from the rest. To do that, you need more than just a unique logo, typography, and colors. Branding is all about knowing your business and your audience very well.

We will help you project your business in a way that it could connect with its target audience. We don’t just do that blindly. We conduct several steps in order to figure out what your brand will ultimately look like.

Our process looks like this:

Step 1: Research

We intensively research your business, your competitors, your niche and your target audience. We make sure that we thoroughly understand who you are, who your buyers are, who your competitors are and what industry you are in.

The key to creating the perfect brand for your business lies in a deep understanding of what your business and your audience is all about. It’s easier if you know how well your competitors are doing and what they are doing to make their brand stand out.

Step 2: Set a Brand Strategy

We now start building a brand strategy that fits your business’s needs. We don’t use templates or the like here. We always to everything from scratch to make sure that your brand strategy, like what your brand will be, is truly unique. However, that’s not to say we don’t follow guidelines and standards; we do!

Step 3: Create a Brand Identity

This is where we get visual and creative. We’ll create your brand’s visual look that sets it apart from your competitors and from the marketplace. Your audience will immediately recognize and build connection to your business once they see your logo, your website, your email template, your stationery or your Facebook page, etc.

What Our Branding Services Include

What’s in our branding package? Everything you need! You might not need everything in this list, but all of them works together to make your brand stronger. Don’t worry, we don’t charge extra if your get our full service package (contact us for more details).

  • Business, product or service name creation/selection
  • Logo design
  • Typography design
  • Website design and development
  • Social media site design and planning
  • Brochure and stationery design
  • Email template design
  • Presentation design
  • Brand style
  • Tone and voice
  • Powerpoint design
  • Vision, mission, brand messaging statements
  • Employee communication style and guides
  • Tagline
  • Colors

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