Hello! My name is Ryan Harrison and I am a graphic designer based in Florida.

Ever since I was a kid, I’m already fascinated by wonderful art, graphic designs, logos, etc. I would often make a logo out of my name or virtually anything I find interesting when I was still in school. I created a logo of my teacher’s name, for our kitchen, for my sister’s bedroom, etc.

Then I came across a graphic design company and I learned that I can actually turn my hobby into a professional career. So, I enrolled at Full Sail University so I can deepen my graphic design skills and knowledge.

I learned how to harness the power of computers and software to make my designs better. I studied diligently to reach my current skill level. Today, I am able to come up with a good to excellent design by just talking with my client and knowing his business a little. It became possible after nearly more than two decades of graphic design experience.

I work mostly with individuals. I basically design the logo for their social media accounts, websites, or store. I’ve also worked with a few companies where they gave me some high-profile projects. I accept graphic design projects from anyone, whether you are an individual or an organization or a company, it doesn’t matter – I can do it for you!

I also run a T-shirt store where I sell shirts and other garments with my original designs engraved on them. While I loved working for clients, sometimes my creative instincts just can’t settle down, so I have to unleash them. I do this by designing my own shirt and garment designs, printing them and then selling them. I have to say, people in my neighboorhood love my shirt! I even get customers all from far away all over the nation!

Fast forward to today, I own a graphic design studio and this is my studio’s website. I offer several kinds of services related to graphic design. You can check them out here. If you have something to say, contact me using the form here.